Original is oil on canvas board.

This painting was commissioned by Fantasy Flight Games for their card game, "Call of Cthulhu". The game is based on the collection of stories by American author H.P. Lovecraft. The whole game takes place in the 1920’s, so I thought it was pretty important to keep all of the stuff in the image relative to the era. I did a lot of research on the vehicle because FFG asked that they be in a Jeep or what ever rough terrain vehicle was true to the period. Jeep is a WWII thing, so that wouldn’t fly, but I did find that Wills-Overland was the only vehicle available for crazy adventures like a safari in the 20’s. So, I gather every pic I can of the vehicles, shoot some reference….in the end, how much of the car can you see? Yeah, that’s right, not much. Oh well, at least I learned something new and I am 100% certain I got it right and I have a funny story to tell.

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Big Game Hunter
or  “Safari Hunter”

Model for painting: Alexander Patho